MEDIA MOVEMENT NETWORK embraces the future of digital media.

Our tagline: MUSIC+VIDEO+FILM+DIGITAL=REVOLUTION. The way we consume and critique media is changing rapidly. ARTISTS are no longer relying on major media companies to produce or distribute their projects. Today’s ARTIST have unlimited access to the internet and digital handheld devices henceforth they have the WORLD at their fingertips. Digital Media is changing our lives everyday. A REVOLUTION of the MEDIA INDUSTRY is imminent.

We have a network of media and culture including music, music videos, concerts, interviews, trailers, films, television shows, and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

MEDIA MOVEMENT NETWORK showcases the latest independent recording artists, filmmakers, visual artists and models. We will also premiere Music Conferences, Awards Shows, Film Festivals, Music Festivals, and Release Parties.

MEDIA MOVEMENT NETWORK offers a targeted and effective way to reach our viewership of Recording Artists, Filmmakers, Music Producers, Media Executives, and fans. MEDIA MOVEMENT NETWORK can launch industry standard rich media campaigns or customize a campaign giving advertisers the flexibility to tailor your campaign for all types of budgets.

MEDIA MOVEMENT NETWORK offers customized packages, sponsorships and more for all advertising needs.

To inquire about advertising opportunities, please contact our team at


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